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The following article describes how you can use Adobe Image Ready to do some routine batch processing. Learning how to optimally batch process is a key factor in making the most of your work day.

Webmasters are often surprised to learn that Adobe Photoshop's sister software, Adobe Imageready, is highly capable of doing batch processing. Many webmasters are already aware of PS's ability to create personalized thumbnail galleries but not many webmasters switch over to Imageready unless they are going to create an animated gif, slice an image or create a rollover.

The Droplet function allows you to complete such task as optimizing large batches of images, marking them with your content labels or even resizing them. I have created the below tutorial using the example of resizing, but keep in mind, the wide range of other tasks that can be accomplished using this function.

Simply open a picture in ImageReady. Then, just like in PhotoShop, create an Action. I circled it on the palette.

Now, simply name the Action.

You can do whatever you want with the Action. For simplicity's sake, I just resized. You can optimize, resize and even brighten the images if you like. Now, find the action like I have below and RIGHT CLICK. The bottom choice should be CREATE DROPLET. Choose this.

Now you will be prompted to SAVE AS. Save the droplet to your Desktop as I did below.

Now, check out your Desktop and you will see the emblem below titled as you saved it.

Double click on it and you will see and executable file titled, in my case, resize.exe. Double click on Batch and the Batch Options palette will open. Here is where you make your adjustments such as having your images copy themselves to another directory or just saving over the original. Also, after making the changes, you should completely close the exe file and click Save when prompted or else your adjustments will not be saved. I can't stress this enough, if you do not close it and then save it, your changes will not take effect. Many people make changes and then never close the file because it seems simpler to just run the task while the .exe file is open.

At this point, you can simply drag / drop a directory over the top of the Droplet file and kick back.


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